Darkspore PC Games Download

Darkspore PC Games Download

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Price: $14.86
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Download size: 5.5 GB

Darkspore is a Sci-fi Action-RPG game from Maxis that uses the development houses award-winning Creature Editing technology from Spore to bring a whole new franchise to life. With this unique customization functionality players are able to create genetically altered heroes which are in turn used against a mutant horde that has terrorized the galaxy for 1,000 years in an RPG like none before it. Additional features include hundreds of enemy types, multiplayer support including co-op, exceptional replay value

Key Game Features

  • All-new 3D graphics engine with stunning visual effects
  • Collect Genetic Heroes from three character classes (Sentinel, Ravager, Tempest) and five Genesis types (Bio, Cyber, Plasma, Necro, Quantum)
  • Hundreds of unique Genetic Hero abilities that can be combined in squads and co-op gameplay
  • Unparalleled customization using the award-winning Creature Editor technology from Spore
  • Unique alien planet levels with hundreds of Darkspore enemies, including player-created enemies, each with their own attacks and behaviors
  • Innovative risk/reward campaign that lets players push their luck to earn better heroes and upgrades
  • AI Director technology that provides deep replayability by dynamically altering the spawning, difficulty, and behaviors of NPC hordes, by distributing loot drops, and by controlling dynamic placement of destructible objects throughout each level
  • Persist your collection online, and access it from the Darkspore.com web site

Additional Screenshots

Gameplay screen from Darkspore Gameplay screen from Darkspore

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications:
OS:Win 7, Vista and XP
Processor:3.0 GHz P4 or Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent or faster
Hard Drive:10 GB
Video Card:256 MB Video Card with support for Shader Model 3.0
Additional Info:DirectX: 9.0

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